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Back at the rotunda, Jack shows Syd the latest

Returned-from-the-dead Emily showed up in Florence at the US embassy
and wants to talk to Syd about turning over Arvin

She says she'll only talk to you, Syd

OK, this is probably weirder than the tie    Large    

Nice picture of Florence

where Syd meets with Emily

who has a lot to say about how she loves her hubby, but she'll turn him in only if he won't get the death penalty   Large    

Syd arranges the deal, and then explains that in her eulogy Emily,
she said Emily was like a mother to her, and Emily gets weepy

Meanwhile, in a surprising change of heart, Sloane calls Irina and offers to sell her everything Rambaldi that he has because he wants out of everything

Ya, sure, you betcha ... You aren't planning to kill me, are you?

Back at the villa

Emily waits inside with a wire

while Syd, Vaughn, Dixon, and others dressed in camouflage listen outside while carrying lots of big guns

Sloane and Irina arrive, and Sloane gives Irina the combination to his safe

Sloane's got a tearful apology for Emily

who goes all tearful and shows Sloane that she's bugged, but that's OK with Arvin who says they'll just escape together

as the troops move in, or at least on to the veranda

At the sound of gunfire, Irina covers Sloane and Emily as they escape through their secret passage

and has a nice picture, looking all concerned

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