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Back to the beginning scene with the chase through the tunnels, and Irina climbing out

and Syd shooting Irina in the arm, and also getting the genetic 
database on a disc that Irina dropped after she is hit

So winged Irina is out,

Arvin and Emily are out, but making a dash for it in Dixon's crosshairs

which get shifted a smidgen to the right as Dixon ducks a helicopter and so 

Dixon shoots Emily by mistake

which has Sloane crying

until Irina grabs Sloane's arm and makes a dash for the nearby

Sydney climbs up ladder that she shot her mom on moments before
and heads towards Emily

and Dixon heads towards Emily

and Vaughn heads towards Emily

and Syd gets there first and cries

Much later, back in LA,

Syd and Vaughn are wakened by the sound of faint rhythmic beeps

which Syd discovers are coming from her mom's earrings

and which they realize are beeping in ...

Morse code, which they

write down

and discover the message is "Truth Takes Time"

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