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So Sark heads into the biotech company, shooting out a surveillance camera and the head of the company, and telling Irina she's bugged   Large    

and Irina says drat that Jack   Large    

So picking up a handy nearby defibrillator, Sark gets an eyeful as he
uses the pads to zap the bug

and the CIA, Drat Jack and Kendall lose the signal

Sark plants an explosive, while Irina downloads a genetic database

and Syd runs into the building to catch the bugless Irina

Vaughn runs into the bug zapper Sark on some stairs

and gets pushed down  Video    

and gets shot once

and would get shot again if Sark's gun hadn't been shot ...

by Syd, who then runs down the stairs to

check out Vaughn's kevlar

and check out the cutie   Large    

before they go running for Irina again, stopping as they hear someone yell, 'Sydney!' and
who should they see but ...

Irina, who runs while being chased by Syd and Vaughn ...

outside the building, shortly before it explodes

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