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Berlin at night

An explosion

It's two guys in an elevator who hang on ...

as they are elevated right out of the building by a crane and helicopter

Back in LA, Jack and Syd are still in that basement, where Jack has finished his testing
and found Syd to be un-brain-washed at the moment

That's easy for you to say, but I'm freaking myself out, Dad

Ah, Sydney, you'll be all right and anyway, I need you on the "discover what happened to Sydney these past two years" case

So Syd gets on with her life, this time two blocks from the ocean

with only Weiss to help her move because, for some unexplained reason, Will is in
Witness Protection

Syd wants to know about Vaughn's wife - Large  

Weiss says, Vaughn was really a mess after your funeral, dropped out of the country for six months, and just when we finally convinced himi to come back to the CIA, you showed up ... uh, let me answer the phone so I can try to extract my foot from my mouth
- Large  

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