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At an undisclosed but spooky basement location, the elevator bandits deposit the two guys they elevated, who are CIA agents, into the hands of ...

this nasty looking doctor type

The elevator bandits send a message to the CIA - come to a drop point and pick up
their ransom demands

Jack says the elevator bandits are probably The Covenant, as he moves his hand under those really nifty desk lights they've got

Syd volunteers to pick up the ransom demand

Marshall volunteers that the dead drop for the demand is a porn theatre in Munich,
and he's got the show times

One the way out, Dixon says go slow, and by the way, did you know there is a nice therapy group for CIA agents who have experienced lost time and you have to go to their next meeting before the end of this episode

Uh, yeah, sure

Later, in Munich

Syd at the dead drop in the porn theatre

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