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Later in a lavoratorial setting, Lindsey gets a visit from Sydney

You schmuck, you lost us the CIA agent and I don't care who you know

Oh, yeah, and I'll throw you in jail just like your old man

At an undisclosed location, the Covenant greets their newest arrival with wine and glasses

Seems that they know that Sark's got $800 million, and they'd like it, please

which is surprising news to Sark since he thinks he might have noticed $800 million belonging to him - Large  

Later at the JTF, Dixon's doing the reintroductions of newly-returned Vaughn
and asks Syd if she's cool working around the Vaughnster

Uh ... yeah, sure, you betcha

Uh ...what she said

Well, Jack's not into all this let-by-gones-be-by-gones business, but
he does know some new stuff about what Sark's been up to

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