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Syd discovers it's a real dead drop, looking in the box under the designated seat to find ...

... a severed CIA head and the ransom demand

which has the base camp listeners back in LA going ick

After the mission and commercial interruption, back at the Joint Task Force

NSC Director Lindsey says that they'll give the Covenant Mr. Sark and they'll get back the elevated and non-decapitated CIA agent. And after all, Sloane has told them the Covers probably just want Sark to kill him in retaliation for one of Sark's killings anyway.

Syd says, come on, you trust Sloane?

Dixon says Sloane's still slimy but his intel has been right on, on the mark, totally
reliable, on the up and up, etc., for the past year

Afterwards, Jack and Syd stop a moment in front of ...

the killed in action list

which still mistakenly contains Sydney Bristow. Syd learns from Jack
that she was cremated and her ashes spread at sea by Vaughn


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