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So Jack tells the tale of Sark, found to be the son of a Russian diplomat, an heir to the Romanov's and keeper of a fingerprint that opens a vault with

$800 million in gold bullion


Oh, and Sark's Dad was someone named Lazarey, who got offed last year

which means, Syd realizes, that she killed Sark's dad

Marshall and Weiss outline the plan to go after the still-abducted CIA agent, tracked to Frankfurt
to a slinky nightclub run by a drug dealer, so Syd can wear something sexy and act like
she's a chemistry whiz drop-out ready to deal some chemical help to the drug dealer

Dixon says do it

Afterwards, Jack and Syd al fresco

Now Syd has this idea that maybe, just maybe, it's too much of a coincidence that Syd murdered the Russian guy whose death was needed before Sark could get the money for the Covenant - Large  

Jack is all yep, there are no coincidences in the Aliasverse, so the Covenant 's probably the group responsible for the lost two years

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