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She should have asked questions first, because this guy dies with some interesting comments, that she kept her promise to kill him, that she never broke

and now Syd won't know why, until somewhere later in the season

Back at the CIA, agents with missing time

who can't let go of their missing years, but want to move on, as well as wanting to discuss their bad dreams

which isn't exactly what Syd's about, since she'd rather find out what happened

Afterwards, Syd rushes to Dixon - Large  

Syd gives some impressions of the group and that it's just not her, and yeah, she still probably has some feelings for Vaughn, and ...

Dixon interrupts to introduce Sydney to the other person in the room ...

Lauren Reed, new NSC liaison, replacement for Lindsey who went back to DC, and
who'll be working on The Covenant business and also the mystery of Lazarey's death

Oh, and I'm also Vaughn's wife - Large  

Uh ... hi?

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