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When Syd comes to, she's on a plane with ...

Kendall, who says he's DSR and tells her his team that took The Cube from the CIA in the opening scene of this episode got ambushed, and now the Covenant has The Cube, and they need to talk about the last two years

Syd says, hey, I don't remember those two years

Kendall says, I do because you told me what happened

So Syd sits down and listens as Kendall reveals all. Like the fact that they really thought
she died, that there was a body whose DNA matched hers, that he went to her funeral service

Nine months after her funeral, Kendall gets a phone call from Rome

from alive but blond Syd, who says she just escaped from the Covenant

and they arrange to meet at a safe house in Tuscany

At the safe house, Sydney tells Kendall what happened to her for the past nine
months, besides the hair dye job

After she passed after her fight with Allison  , she woke up days later, strapped down in the back of a van, with ...

this guy who explains how they fooled the CIA into thinking she was dead. Seems they extracted pulp from her teeth, put it in the teeth of the fake corpse, then burned the apartment. Oh, and they dug up poor dead Francie and put her in the buring apartment too.

And if she looks out she can see her own funeral service

from the back window of the orange microbus

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