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The Covenant dudes needed some proof that she was with the program

so they ask her to pick up the knife and kill the guy in the blue shirt

which she does

Now Sydney isn't happy to hear that she had been brainwashed successfully

Kendall says, hey, you weren't. Seems that Jack, when he put you through the Project
Christmas training
   as a kid, put in some safeguards so that you could never be
successfully brainwashed. So you played along with the Covenant and called me at
the first chance you got

So back to that earliest chance she got to meet with Kendall, Syd says she wants to see her dad and Vaughn

Kendall says, no see Jack 'cause he's under deep cover. And anyone she contacts will be in grave danger from the Covenant, who are potentially worse baddies than the Alliance  , and who won't let her escape them

But Sydney goes back to LA anyways to see ...

Vaughn, who it seems nine months after her death, has ...

a new squeeze ...

and some bad guys watching him. So she decides to minimize the danger to Vaughn
and depart unseen

She calls Kendall

and says she'll go back to being Julia Thorne

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