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So Sydney returns to the Julia alias, supposedly working for the Covenant
but in reality working as a double agent for Kendall

Kendall explains the Covenant sent Julia to Algeria to work with ...

Simon Walker, a contract thief, while she was the contract killer, and their assignment
was to find The Cube

Sydney would get info from the Covenant and Simon, and then pass it along,

via the good ol' brush pass, to one of Kendall's agents

Turns out Simon discovered the whereabouts of a great Rambaldi expert and
Russian diplomat named Lazarey, who could lead them to The Cube, which
contained DNA extract of Rambaldi himself

Julia was suppose to kill him, but instead she went to see him the night before
the hit and struck a deal

They faked his death

for security cameras, the Covenant, and the Russian government,

and Lazarey agreed to work with the CIA

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