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Back in LA, Sydney rides with Lazarey to the hospital

Since the mystery never stops, Lazarey asks cryptically, do you know about the passenger?

Syd, not reading her action heroine manual this week, says, don't tell me now. We'll have time to talk later

which pretty much assures that as Lazarey is being wheeled out of the ambulance

he is shot several times by a sniper

While they rush him into the buidling

Syd looks up, then calls Dixon with the news that Lazarey has been shot and is dead

On an adjacent rooftop, the sniper neatly disassembles the rifle

It's Lauren Reed Vaughn!
She calls someone and reports the matter is taken care of and then ...

struts off in the latest fashion gear of the professional assassin

We'd make another snarky comment here, but we're exhausted from the exposition

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