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First things first - they've got to stop this fertilization. Sydney calls Marshall and asks him if maybe he wasn't joking and he really did he put a tracer on The Cube

which Marshall reluctantly admits happened

So they know where this lab is, where Sark and unnamed lab assistants are busy

fertilizing Sydney eggs with Rambaldi DNA

Back at the JTF, Kendall calls the mission - parachuting into Patagonia

for Weiss et al to blow up the fetilizer lab

Syd gets a chance to exchange

uncomfortable looks with Vaughn

before she spots Dixon

Dixon, it seems, has quite a confession - he was with Kendall when Kendall took the call from Sydney from Rome. He's known about those two years since then but was ordered to say nothing. Says it's hard it is keep the truth   from someone you love, and he's going along because this is personal - video  


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