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Syd says, so where're we going? And are we still expositioning?

Kendall says they're going to his facility in Nevada, for Project Black Hole. Seems that four years ago when he was called in to question her  , he was never FBI, he was DSR and he was overseeing Project Black Hole

Kendall shows her his project's Rambaldi report, with everything
the government
has collected about Milo since the 1940's

Seems The Covenant believes Rambaldi's prophesies, including the idea that Sydney is
the Chosen One  , just like Irina said   last season

Back to Kendall's story about the last two years, he explains Sydney and Lazarey worked together for nine months to find The Cube, finally finding it in the Fish River Gorge in Namibia, under that nice giant Rambaldi symbol carved into the cliff

It was in a vault in this cave, hidden for 500 years - sort of a Holy Rambaldi Grail, key to the prophesies

For 30 years, Lazarey's hobby had been collecting the 12 keys needed to open the vault,
finding the last one just a couple of weeks before they found the cave

So they put all of the keys in their specific keyholes

and watched the vault

open up, revealing The Cube inside

Sydney went, oooooo, wow

Lazarey went, ooooo, ouch, my hand is caught in a metal door. So as the cave starts to collapse around them, Sydney whips out her knife, amputates Lazarey's hand

and the two of them, with the cube, escape
They chose wisely

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