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It's the penultimate episode of the season time! It's Kyoto!

It's Nadia, in a trance ...

pen moving in her hand without her looking at it

and lots of Rambaldi scribbles appearing on the paper

Once she's finished a sheet, Dad Sloane collects it

and tacks it up on the wall

which shows a giant Rambaldi eye symbol almost complete

Back at the Joint Task Force, Sydney gets to be expositioner for the briefing

and Dixon gets to ask, so what's the info from Argentina re your sis?

Seems Nadia was recruited six years ago by Argentine intelligence, trained, and her first field assignment was Chechnya

Syd says before she was recruited, sister Nadia lived in an orphanage in Buenos
Aires, no known family

Jack is thinking who knows what, as Syd explains once again that sis injected with
Rambaldi green goo will deliver a message from Rambaldi about his endgame

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