The Circumference

Small model Sydney steals in the pilot, a giant red exploding ball in Season One finale. It gives a deadly virus to all exposed to the liquid inside the ball. What it is for is still a mystery, although Sark and Co know more now after they traded a kidnapped Will for the Rambaldi page that describes it.  
This is part of a binary code that gives a latitude and longitude for another Rambaldi device, The Golden Sun.

Binary Code


Golden Sun

A synthetic polymer that was in a stain glass window in a church in Spain. It is a piece that can be added to the Rambaldi clock to give another set of coordinates.  
Yeah, he's an artifact - sort of. Donato is the clockmaker who repairs the Rambaldi clock and lets slip to Sydney that Rambaldi himself promised him an impossibly long life and foresaw the time of his death.



The Clock

The Clock that Donato repairs that tells time, but with the Golden Sun put inside it, it also tells the latitude and longitude of another Rambaldi find, the Journal.  
The Journal found from the coordinates given by the Clock, buried in a cave in Argentina.

Rambaldi's Journal


The Ampoule

The vial of liquid that, when painted over blank Rambaldi pages, reveals hidden writting.  
Page 47, initially blank in the Journal, is painted with the liquid from the Ampoule to reveal a picture of Sydney and The Prophesy.

Page 47


The Music Box

Found in an ice cave, the music box plays a tune. Encoded in the tune is a formula for a zero point energy source.  
The flower has been in a sealed vessel for 500 years and is still living.

The Flower


Suitcase Neutron Bomb

Small device with incredible destructive power, it burns all living critters within a certain radius to ashes, while leaving buildings in tact. Sloane used it to convince a drug dealer to give him a small statue, inside of which he retrieves a piece of a Rambaldi page.  
The cut-out Rambaldi page, with the piece Sloane finds in the statue.

Page Cut-Out


Heart Manuscript

A manuscript obtained by Jack and Irina from Hong Kong, involving Rambaldi's study of the human heart.  
The artificial heart that a man named DiRegno had for a while. It is designed to power the machine known as Il Dire, or The Telling.

Di Regno heart


Conrad's Manuscript

A manuscript shown to Sloane by Conrad The Monk in Tibet. Important enough to make Sloane change his plans to drop his Rambaldi pursuits.  
Called Rambaldi's ultimate creation, it's a machine powered by the Di Regno heart.Sloane assembled it and turned it on at the end of Season Two. It writes a two-part message on long sheets of parchment - the DNA code of someone called The Passenger, and the word 'peace' in Greek, which is 'Irina'.

The Telling


The Cube

Found by Sydney and Lazarey in Namibian cave, later hidden by Sydney. It contains living tissue sample from Rambaldi himself.  
An ornate metallic box on which is the name, Irina. Supposedly contained a bio-weapon and unopened since Rambaldi's day, Sloane opened it and placed inside it the DiRegno heart for safe keeping.

Irina's Box


The Vase

Found in a villa in Milan, with Rambaldi symbol on the neck. Seems to have no significance whatsoever, but what the hey ...  
The Hourglass is suppose to help the father of The Passenger determine her location

The Hourglass


Brainwave Artifact

Powered by the green goo from inside the Hourglass, it's a version of an EEG, producing the brainwave pattern of the Passenger.  
Sloane and Nadia are after it, since it supposedly holds Rambaldi's essense
The Sphere of Life



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