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The episode begins tonight in an avuncular mood, or so it seems, since we can't
hear a thing that nice Uncle Arvie is saying to Vaughn

What we can hear is Little Orphan Nadia saying it's her birthday, not her real one but the made-up one the nuns chose for her at the orphanage, and she doesn't want to celebrate, no way

to which Weiss and Syd respond, way, but details later since it's time for

this week's caper briefing

Now it seems there was this thing called the Blackwell Index, which involves swirling letters that when they are told to stop swirling by the right decoder reveal a juicy blackmail list, or so says the CIA who got the thingy when they took down the Alliance

The index was being worked on at by the CIA office in Sarajevo (huh?) until the worker dudes were shot and the index stolen

The good news is that the decoder disc for the swirling letters was found by the
French, who have it locked up in a police station, after they raided this Blackwell's
secret hidey hole

so Sloane tells Sydney to get herself arrested in Paris

'cause she needs to steal the disc from the French fuzz so the CIA can read the gobbledygook

Now this all sounds a bit suspicious to Dixon, who has secretly been

tapping Sloane's private phone to see who he has been talking too

and it seems he was talking to someone in Sarajevo shortly after the index heist, so maybe Sloane knows more than he should

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