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It's after-mission briefing time for Syd where she finds out that

Sloane's not really happy about Syd finding the disc off-camera

Syd's all, yeah, well, that's where it was, duh, and by the way, did you know it's
Nadia's birthday today, and a nice family dinner at your place would be nice

which has Sloane thinking nice fatherly thoughts about birthdays and Nadia

Nurse Rosemary looks in again on her patient and Scenic Vaughn

and says that, gosh golly darn it, just remembered that your uncle had something he wanted to give your dead dad Bill, so maybe you should take it

and gives Vaughn an envelope

with a locker key

Back in LA

the sisters are getting ready for the BDay dinner at Sloane's

and Nadia says, hey, this is so very nice of you, and it really means a lot having a family and I'm so glad, and boy will she be annoyed if she finds out about Syd's real reason for suggesting this dinner



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