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The caper gets some help from Nadia, who has been vanned in this episode

with her dandy surveillance gear that breaks into the police computer to tell Syd where to go to get the decoder disc

Syd goes to said disc locker, keeping her back to the camera, and

and palms the disc, telling the listening Nadia that the locker was wrong

and so she moves off camera to "check" the other lockers

while secretly making the mangled disc copy to give to Sloane

just before the fuzz find her again

and chase her to the rooftop

where she jumps onto the rungs of a waiting helicopter

before dangling over this nice stock footage of Paris and returning to LA, presumably
by a means involving something more secure than this helicopter ride

Back in LA, Dixon says what the really need is to hear what Sloane is saying to his old Alliance chum, so it would really be good if Syd could get Sloane's phone scrambler thingy so they can eavesdrop

Ah, a déja vu moment for both Syd and the audience



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