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Now Nadia takes a moment to tell Syd that she hopes Syd would do the same thing for her if needed in the future

and there is a small nod from the Syd head as she contemplates rescuing Sloane sometime

Back in Arizona

this nice nurse stops in

and Vaughn says he'd like to speak to Nurse Rosemary

only this nice nurse says, but there is no one here named Rosemary

Suddenly Vaughn's smelling something, and it ain't the nitrous oxide

Back in LA, Chase tells Dixon he did all right, but lose the phone tap 'cause it's illegal

and call her anytime with anything, nudge nudge

wink, wink

and all's well that ends well in this episode .. or so they think ...

Switch to Sloane in his den, with the real decoding disc

and the Blackwell Index decoded

which has Sloane calling Jack and telling him ...

they've got what they need, and even more

So what is on that blackmail file that Sloane and Jack need, and why do they need it?

And who is Rosemary really?

And is Daddy Bill Vaughn merely dead, or really most sincerely dead?

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