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Now it's scenic Mesa, Arizona, and it's scenic hospital

where Scenic Vaughn is visiting

his comatose uncle and the uncle's nice nurse, Rosemary, who first thinks that Vaughn is Bill Vaughn, 'cause uncle told her before the coma business Bill would be visiting him soon

Scenic Vaughn says, nope, dead dad Bill, dead in '79, me Michael

Back in LA

See Sloane tell Weiss to buck up the caper escape plan

See Weiss tell Sloane about working on it thoroughly last night with Nadia ... uh ...

See Sloane intimidate Weiss with almost no words

See Jack and Sloane take a moment to reiterate to each other about getting the

and make us wonder what else they're up to

Back in self-storing, Syd has a plan, and a handy dandy disc copier that she's going
to take to Paris to make a mangled copy of the decoding disc to give to Sloane, and
if Sloane turns it over to the CIA, well then they'll just give the CIA the real one, and
if Uncle Arvie tries to keep the disc for himself, well then ...

Good plan, says Dixon

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