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Now it seems that Vaughn's avuncular moment with Sloane involved him getting some personal time off to visit a comatose uncle in Arizona

and Syd's all sympathetic

and kissy

But kissies don't last forever, so Dixon comes with info

which they discuss in Syd and Vaughn's old haunt, the green-lit self storage

Dixon's been checking the index report and video tape footage from the cameras in that Sarajevo hotel Sloane called

and discovers this guy, an ex-Alliance member

Dixon's smelling a New Alliance get-together

Wowser, says Syd

Now CIA Director Chase, from the season première, says something more like an
ambiguous 'hmmmm' when she hears Dixon's idea

No matter what Dixon says at this point, it's still 'hmmm' and not 'wowser'

'cause Chase says, hey, we knew most of this stuff already, no biggee, and no hard evidence that Sloane's definitely doing the New Alliance thing

Syd's saying, hey, maybe it isn't wowser after all, maybe we just want it to be a

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