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It's flashback time, to an orphanage in Buenos Aires, circa 1992

where this bad man comes in to grab an orphan

but gets beat up by one of the other orphans, who runs off before

the orphanage lady shows up and says, bad naughty man, you come to my office right now,

to this bad naughty orphan-stealing man

and finds out that Nadia took off after saving her fellow orphans from this guy

Seems Nadia is still taking off, on the jogging circuit, that is

which has Syd asking, what's bothering sis, since when Syd is bothered, she goes for a jog

Now Nadia says, nothin's wrong, and is saved by a phone call from Vaughn to Syd

It's for a lunch date and a reveal of dear-current-status-unknown-Daddy Vaughn's diary,
with all those entries after the dear Dad's date of death, and it's got lots of
classified CIA operations in it

Syd volunteers to get the classified ops intel

which makes Vaughn of the dear-current-status-unknown-Dad all warm and fuzzy, while maintaining the stubblies

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