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Whoops, present time, and Sloane gives the assignment - go to Belarus and steal
the glass thingamabob at a reception happening right after the commercial break

Now Syd's a bit worried that this is all too much for Nadia

but Sis says, hey, it's cool, just a bit wobbly cause I knew Fox

Marshall is wonderin' what Vaughn's up to

but all he gets out of Vaughn is a lunch invitation

Well, it seems this is Minsk

where Syd and ...

Dixon and the rest of the crew are after the glass thingamabob, which they pinpoint by first ...

finding the architect of this new building, who's got a PDA on him with the building
plans, which Syd can download just by ...

getting really close to him with her downloading gadget

and by getting his signature on this special "paper" to decrypt his PDA files

which they do, and Marshall does

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