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Back at APO

Nadia has to explain why she didn't fess up earlier to knowing Cesar, an omission that
doesn't play well with Sloane

Syd says, but hey, if she hadn't been there, I'd have been toast

and Nadia says, hey, promise to tell all next time, and I can help get the glass thingamabob back from Cesar cause he wants me to call him

and Sloane's still pissed, but willing to let Nadia retrieve their precious thingamabob,
and so the scene can shift once more to ...

Another flashback, to Nadia's first class in bomb making

It's this nice guy named Diego, a bit of a cut-up ...

getting smiles out of Nadia, who is also demonstrating her prowess at bomb making

while getting lots of serious advice and observation from Fox

And guess who shows up for the new class - Cesar himself

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