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Ah, but enough of those flashbacks - it's present day, and the office Cesar takes
Nadia to is Fox's old office

Now Cesar says he got his own reputation because he was figured as Fox's killer

but he didn't do it, and he's kind of figured out that it must have been Nadia

who is starting to have another flashback

to Fox in his office

and her arriving there with news of Diego's death and the fact that she checked the
disc they were stealing and Fox is a Sloane

and so she shoots him

Yep, he looks shot, all right, by an Alias spy, since these spys NEVER aim for the head

Back in real time, Nadia says, but he was the bad guy

and Cesar says, but he made me all that I am today

and there is a lot of fighting with ...

Nadia finally getting the upper hand

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