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At this point in the caper, everyone is in this reception, except for Syd who has
gone after the glass thingamabob, and so everyone but Syd is sent to the floor as
Cesar's thugs start firing rifles in the air

and Cesar himself starts strutting down the hall - you can almost hear the Bee Gees
in the background - stayin alive, stayin alive ....

Now Syd is in the lab

opening the safe

and getting the glass thingamabob out

and staring at the barrel of Cesar's gun

and handing the glass thingamabob over to Cesar, who is ready to kill her if she
doesn't fess up to who she is working for

when Nadia breaks in and announces Syd's working with her, which keeps Syd alive

and which gets Nadia a few private words from Cesar

under Syd's watchful eye and bad wig

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