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Now it seems that Syd and Weiss weren't totally lost, due to Sloane's advice to go
to the nearest property owned by Cesar, which Sloane had looked up

and so they arrive to find Nadia, with Cesar in handcuffs and glass thingamabob
in hand

and Cesar gives Nadia a dirty look

and Syd gives Nadia ...

a sisterly hug

Well, enough of those flashbacks, it's time for a change of scene and continent -
it's Lisbon!

Seems Vaughn deciphered some of the journal gobbledygook and found this addy
in Lisbon, a house inhabited by

hey, wait a minute, that's Nadia's ex-orphanage lady!

Vaughn and lady sit down to talk about his dad, about how he came to the orphanage
with Nadia, and how is Nadia, and she's OK, and haven't seen your did since

and by the way, the only thing I remember about your dad is that he was involved with something called Nightingale

and so Vaughn gets another continuing story piece, albeit not a true cliffhanger

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