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After discovering that he is infected with the deadly virus, 
Vaughn takes the time to carefully apply bandages to his fingertips ...

and to dress himself in his suit and tie.

Doc, I've got the deadly virus, so I don't have long to live, but I am appropriately dressed for the CIA

Stop the grooming and get over here

So Vaughn gets in his car in his suit and tie ...

and with fingernails bandaged to prevent upholstery stains ...

straight to see Irina

Is there a cure for my plague?

Ya, sure, you betcha, but first I want info on how you feel about Sydney

Meanwhile in Francie's new restaurant,

Will explains to Syd about the IQ tests Vaughn is having him research ...

while Syd explains about Project Christmas to Will until they are ...

interrupted by Francie who needs a bouillabaisse taster

Before Francie can say another line of dialogue, Syd answers her cell phone

Ms. Bristow, you're needed

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