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Jack tells Sydney that they'll break protocol, go around Kendall, and turn over Sloane to Sark for the antidote


Jack gets Sloane's itinerary for his Japanese trip by diverting Marshall away from
his polar bear experiments, thus giving Marshall a smidgen of screen time in this episode

Back at Francie's

Will is examining the tests when ...

Francie notes that the 1982 test asks questions about the Grenada invasion a year before it occurred, so the test has to be a fake. Thus Francie contributes, albeit unknowingly, to a major plotline in the show 

Back at SD-6

One last torture session

and the poor guy says nothing but his wife's name

which makes Sloane angry and makes Sloane order that the man be killed.

At an unnamed university in LA

Will visits the test creator for the 1982 IQ test that has the wrong questions

This isn't the test I made

Light bulb moment, and quite a nice picture of Will's lovely eyes

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