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Vaughn arrives at the CIA after being released from the hospital, and visits Irina,
ready to discuss Sydney in thanks for having Irina save his life

Don't tell me about the handler business   Large    

OK, I'll tell you, but they'll only hear a bit of this in this episode and we'll hold the rest back for a later episode. Syd makes my private life very difficult.   Large    

Sydney is waiting for Vaughn at the CIA rotunda

Big hi   Large    

Hi and thanks   Large    




I'll tell you about Alice. There is some history

Nope. Don't want to hear, and I'll leave now before I tear up again

Kendall diverts as Syd leaves, explaining how successful breaking protocol was for Syd and Jack

and Vaughn gets an idea

but Syd has the head start

which means Vaughn does not catch her by the end of the episode,
but does one of those cliff-hanger smiles that are usually Irina's signature

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