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On the trip to Estonia for the Anti-Viral-Vaughn serum, Jack gives Syd her instructions

First Syd propels herself through the water with nifty propellers

Then she climbs into the former submarine center where the antidote maker is stored ...

while Kendall and the other two guys listen

Syd dons a haz-mat suit and spots ...

Sark in the control room

Syd sneaks into the antidote-serum-making lab and makes the serum, ignoring

this guy, who tells her to stop or the alarms will sound

and this guy, who is always telling her to do something she doesn't want to do

Alas, the alarms sound and Syd is trapped

Sark is willing to cut a deal

Syd has to agree to hand over Sloane to Sark for killing, and to get coated with nasty chemicals so that everyone gets a chance to see

wet naked Sydney

Dry mad Sydney returns to LA and tells Kendall
that she is going to make the deal with Sark for the serum that will save Vaughn

A slight disagreement ensues

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