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Geisha Sydney

Listening Sark

Prone Sloane getting first a massage from Sydney

and then a jab with knock out stuff from Sydney

Knocked-out Sloane on the way to Sark's fake ambulance

Knock out of a Sark calls in the OK to release the serum for Vaughn

Wiped-out Sydney, who would probably like to knock out Sark

Jack receives the serum

and sits by Vaughn's bed till Vaughn wakes up

You're better and Syd killed Sloane in order to get the serum that saved your life   Large    

Major debt load on this guy

Back at SD-6, a very alive Sloane shows up with his new colleague

Sark explains to a surprised Syd that   Large    

Sark offered Sloane a partnership in finding Rambaldi stuff   Large    

and showed Sloane a surprising piece of paper that will undoubtedly come into play in some future episode   Large    

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