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At the CIA, Kendall explains to Syd that Vaughn has the virus ...

with the help of guest star agent number one

and guest star agent number two, who says that Vaughn has about three days to live

Syd goes to Mom for advice on Viral Vaughn

Help   Large    

Supportive Mom says go to Estonia, with a vial of Vaughn's blood, and use the antidote machine there to make an antidote for him   Large    

Supportive Dad says that he'll fix things with Sloane, so don't worry about that

Syd's still got the Vaughn worry, though

A helicopter, presumably carrying Syd, arrives at the Naval hospital

Hi, I'm going to take some blood and then I'm going to find the antidote for you


and angst

and hand-holding

and flat-lining

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