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Flat-lining Vaughn rushed down a long corridor

Will he be OK?

Don't know, and your alias for the next two minutes is Rita, and you work in the State Department with Vaughn, all of which you need to meet ...wait for it ...

 Alice, Vaughn's girlfriend

I'm Rita, and I work with Vaughn

I'm Michael's emergency contact, I call him Michael, and I'm his girlfriend

Boy, this just isn't Syd's day, or maybe week, or maybe year

Back at SD-6, Jack checks in with Sloane

I've been a real wuss this season and I haven't had one successful spy caper to show off to the Alliance

But you've got the viral guy whom you might be able to torture more info out of

Viral guy, whose future doesn't look too comfortable

In another part of LA, Will meets up with Abby from the paper where he used to work

I need your help getting standardized tests

OK, and I'm in less fuddy duddy clothes this season

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