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While the Bristows were blowing up Irina's necklace of C4
and assorted terrorist ambushers last week, the CIA monitors the explosion

Vaughn wants to send a team in to rescue the Bristows

but Kendall says the mission failed and the thing they need to worry about at the moment is to cover their butts in case the Indians discover there were nukes in Kashmir and the CIA never told them about it

And even more bad news for Vaughn

Secret message intercepted from unnamed sources say nukes are prepped,
whatever that is suppose to mean

Back in Kashmir, Sydney takes a break in the family trek because of a slight leg injury

and Mom and Dad are very solicitous

By the way, Jack, my contacts are closer and can give us good stuff to use

No way. We go to my contacts.

First they go to a train and a baggage car

Irina gets the giggles while drinking

You're thinking about that toaster fire I started when we were drinking stuff like this when Syd was 4

Ya, sure, you betcha

Syd remembers the sundaes she ate every night they had to spend
at the motel until the smoke cleared

Jack demonstrates that he can indeed not fight with Irina on occasion

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