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Back at SD-6 headqurters, Marshall does a happy dance because
his briefcase tracking system is working

while Sloane picks up the kidnapper's envelope containing

pictures of Emily with bloody head wound

Back at SD-6, something bad happens to the money tracking device

and Marshall goes into shock that he just lost $100 million

Back in Kashmir, Syd is in a cell, alone and very upset as she watches

Cuvée and Irina interrogating Jack

Cuvée explains that he was the one that sent Irina to marry a CIA officer and picked out Jack for the patsy

Patsy not happy

Cuvée is happy, as he leaves after getting in a few digs

Irina takes the time to do some quick explanation to Jack about the fact that the nukes aren't for weapons

while she pretends to beat him up

and while Syd tears up again

Irina slips Jack the keys to the cells

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