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Cuvée tells Sark there will be a slight delay with the Rambaldi info, due to unforeseen problems

Sark, annoyed at the delay, has his final scene in this episode

In India, at unspecified military headquarters, Vaughn meets with a Power That Be

who won't call off the air strikes but will give Vaughn a heliocopter
and headstart to rescue the Bristows

Meanwhile, back at the compound, Jack opens Syd's cell and explains
that Irina isn't the traitor today at least, and that the nukes are not being
used as a bomb but instead being used to open a Rambaldi artifact that contains
the secret to eternal life

Gee, cool, now I can stop crying

and start telephoning the CIA

who tells them to get the heck out of there before the air strikes start

Ya, sure, you betcha ... or not

In the lab, Irina and Cuvée watch the techs work

and Jack and Syd do the same from an attractively lit hiding place


Rambaldi sphere thingy that is being opened with
the help of the nukes

and inside is the secret to eternal life ... or else a flower

Cuvée likes the flower

but Irina doesn't like Cuvée and kicks him, aided and abetted by Jack, who enjoys a few hits

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