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Jack borrows a hand print and

gets to record his voice in the computer

while Syd fixes the thermostat

In London at Alliance headquaters

Someone stole my wife, I'm being blackmailed, I think the Alliance is the source of the leak, and so you should give me $100 million in bearer bonds so I can trap the kidnappers

Ya, sure, you betcha, but you still have to kill Emily if you get her back alive

Back in the nuke room, Syd and Jack discover empty nuke cases

and they are discovered by the head of the compound, Gerard Cuvée, who happens to be with

a smiling Irina, who is acting awfully chummy with Cuvée

Jack is thinking I told you so

Cuvée takes a private moment in his office and talks to

Irina, who is even chummier with him

Back in LA, Sloane goes to the drop where he is suppose to leave the money
for the kidnappers

Sloane and money on bench, getting instructions

Sloane leaves the bugged briefcase, which quickly disappears

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