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After the train ride, the Bristows meet Jack's jovial contact

and Jack performs the intros

and Irina puts in her equipment request list, which is virtually impossible
for this guy to fill, because his supplier died of Kashmirian old age

Syd uses their newly-acquired satellite phone to call Vaughn and complain about having to look for nukes with her family instead of playing miniature golf with her family


The truce is short-lived as bad-bearded-Jack and dishy Irina go at it once again
over who should be in charge, over whether or not the truck this guy is providing will
 break down like Irina says from a clogged air filter, and Syd tells them to shut up again

Off the family rolls, with Jack and Syd in the front,
and Irina in a grain bin in the back, where not even Ali Baba could find her,
unless of course someone lifted the plastic lid and looked in

Sorry I was fighting with your Mom. Me bad.


Shortly afterwards the truck makes an untimely demise due to a
clogged air filter, and Jack helps Irina out from the grain bin

Irina points out that the truck broke down just as she had predicted it would, and that she is taking over

Uh, OK

Back in LA

Sark is keeping Sloane posted on a Rambaldi device activation when

Sloane gets another ransom demand for the maybe-dead Emily

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