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As the Indian Air Force bombards the compound - look, the matte painting's on fire!

Syd and the parental units escape with the Rambaldi flower

and dash to Vaughn's waiting

and Vaughn gives them a hand up

Back at Irina's cell in the CIA compound in LA,
she now has a mattress, a pillow, sheets and a blanket

Irina tells Syd that the reason she shot her in Taipei was that Cuvée was watching from the next room and that that was the only way she could think to prevent him from killing them both and give Syd time to escape

Thanks for the plug in the shoulder, Mom

Mom tears up after Sydney leaves

Back in the rotunda, Syd says hi

to gallant rescuer Vaughn

who surprises her with tickets to ...

Miniature golf for Syd and Will

and Francie, who didn't even get a speaking line in the episode

and Vaughn looks on with a smile before walking away

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