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Back in Kashmir, after trudging to the compound of the nukes, Irina starts to lead them through the mine field

when some terrorist guards spot them

and lots of Bristow shooting begins

and Jack gets shot in the Kevlar, which wouldn't be so bad except

Jack fell on a land mine

which the gals have to disarm with their fingernails

Back in LA

Kendall tells Vaughn that the Indian gov is going to bomb the rebel base and Vaughn asks again to go and try to get the Bristows out

Sure thing

What did you say, and are you trying to get rid of me?

Sure thing

After safely navigating the mine field, Irina leads them through the sewers
into a storage room in the compound

Syd gets her orders to set the room temperature of the nuke room to 98.6 so the heat sensors won't work, while Jack will switch voice codes in the computer so his voice opens locked doors, and Irina will disable the surveillance cameras

Jack doesn't like the idea of Irina walking around this compound alone, since she will have a lot of her bad friends here

Irina explains that she has no friends here, that this is a former prison and
 she was sent here 19 years ago as a prisoner of the KGB, suspected of being a traitor

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