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A podiatric view of the situation left after the previous episode

Higher on the bed, Sydney and Vaughn discuss the miraculous matriculation of Sydney, who somehow,
in the midst of continual global capering, has managed to complete her graduate degree and will be
graduating later that day if she can stay awake

Vaughn would also like to know why Syd won't call him Michael

Sometimes I do, Vaughn

Later at the CIA rotunda, Kendall greets and Jack listens

I'm gonna quit, I'm outta here

You quit and no more mom visits cause your mom is a terrorist and your clearance will be gone

Watching retreating Kendall


Kendall's an ass

Afterwards, Sydney goes to visit Mom

Hey, heard the news about SD-6 and all. Congratulations

Thanks, but I wanna quit the CIA and if I do, then I can't come visiting you anymore

Irina says that won't matter since she will refuse to see Sydney,
and simply says goodbye, take care of yourself 

OK, this gal needs a hug after hearing that

And Irina does too, after Sydney leaves

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