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At the aquarium, a mom and child visit the jellyfish

Seems that the mom is unhappy with the dad, a mathematician, who is doing too much work and not enough family fun

The mathematician who is doing too much work and not enough family fun

As they argue, the little boy disappears, sending the parents in different
directions to search for the child

The dad gets some help from a lurking Sark, who says he's got the wife and kiddy, and now he wants the dad


Meanwhile, the miraculous matriculation is about to conclude

Will and Not Francie are suitably amazed at the miracle

and Not Francie even spits out a few warm words

before Syd gets a Sloane call

Sloane says that he forgives Syd for being a double agent, and how did she like all the intel he provided that let her take down SD-6, and that he can still wipe her out if she gets in his way

to which Syd responds with a few choice descriptive suggestions for creating an Un-Sloane

Later at the CIA, after Syd tells about her Sloane call, Kendall reveals
that Sark was seen kidnapping a mathematician from an aquarium

Jack explains that no Rambaldi devices were found at any Alliance facilities, so Sloane probably has them all and needs this knot mathematician to stick everything together to make it go ... or work ... or whatever 

Vaughn wonders knot or not ... or was that last week ...

Syd realizes she's permanently knotted in this spy biz, thanks to Sloane

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