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Once out of debrief, Dixon goes home

Uh, wife Diane, I'm not a banker. I'm a spy

Wife Diane is a bit surprised

Meanwhile, Jack investigates the one location that
Marshall found not obliterated in Sloane's appointment book

where underlit Jack

finds decomposing corpse with blinking eye

Back at the CIA, Marshall explains that 
the blinking eye was really a camera, sort of

and it recorded Sloane murdering the guy and then making
a phone call to a remote airfield to arrange for transport for unspecified cargo

Jack suggests the airfield is one in the Mojave that they've known is big on
international smuggling and that has a giant cargo transport plane.

Syd says she'll go and download the flight data recorder to get the intel fast

and Kendall smirks because that means Syd's not quitting

In an undisclosed location, the rest of the Caplan family waits

and Sark arrives

to threaten bodily harm to the child if the mother doesn't record a message to her husband


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