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A nice stock photo of Zurich, where the plane's flight data
recorder indicated that Sloane took Caplan and lots of stuff

Vaughn and Sydney enter a bar where Vaughn knows some
underworld contacts

Vaughn talks to his contact at the bar, asking for info on Sloane and Sark and the Caplans

while the outrageously suspicious-looking bartender reaches for a gun

only to be stopped by Sydney

while Vaughn smashes the other guy's face into the bar, pours whiskey on him,

and threatens some underworld contact imolation

which is quite effective, eliciting the news that

Caplan's wife and child are in the basement, from which they are promptly rescued

while Vaughn finds a phone that might have been a recipient of a Sloane call

Back at the CIA in LA, the tech guys start to pump Marshall for how he bested them several times at SD-6

when Marshall gets his first phone call, from Syd, who wants him to find a Sloane phone that might have called the phone she is using, which he does and says Sloane phone is moving towards a bank

Moving towards a bank

Sloane en disguise arrives at bank with a desire to deposit

C4 throughout the vault

after they remove the mathematician's version of a magnetometer,
similar also to a prop man's version of a magnetometer when Toys R Us is handy

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