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At the remote airfield in the Mojave desert, a large Ford SUV approaches 

with Vaughn in tacky clothes and a nice crate supposedly full of weapons

The scumbag who might ship them for Vaughn suggests a test first - identify the gun about to shoot from the sound the man made who was carrying the gun

 and Vaughn, who is as we know always prepared, does indeed guess correctly

so the crate is loaded onto the cargo plane

and Syd slips out of the crate and accesses the flight data recorder

and has to take down a couple of goons while making her escape

after pushing one of them into a propeller, thereby dispatching another
baddie into a plane engine, a move she did quite effectively two episodes ago    ,
albeit with a jet rather than a prop

Back in rainy LA, Dixon waits on the porch for his wife to

He explains that he really does love his family, and that the CIA has offered him a job

His wife issues the ultimatum - either the CIA or his family

Back in the unnamed location, Caplan has read the Rambaldi stuff
and says he needs a special magnetometer to put the pieces together,
which he has been inventing for a Swiss consortium, which immediately
brings up the question of why a mathematician is inventing a magnetometer

and Sloane says fine, it's just down the street at a Swiss bank,
since they are actually in Switzerland, which raises another question
of why store new scientific instruments at a Swiss bank

Afterwards, Sloane talks to Emily on the phone, saying he's in Tuscany buying a villa, when in actuality he is planning the bank heist with Sark

who thinks that Sloane really isn't the optimal person to be leading the heist

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