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Meanwhile, Sydney and Vaughn race through the streets in their Ford

with Sydney driving

and Vaughn making helpful suggestions to avoid imminent peril

Arriving at the bank, they survey the vault footage with the manager

while Sark surveys

Syd and Vaughn surveying

and rats on it to Sloane and Co

who are stopped by Sydney and Vaughn

Syd suggests Sloane give up

while Sloane notes that Vaughn must be the gentleman for whom Syd was willing to kill him

Vaughn suggests that Syd would be willing to kill Sloane for many reasons

at which point Sloane says he'll blow the C4 in the basement if they don't drop their guns

which they do

in the lobby

and Sloane tosses the keys to Syd

and explains that she will drive him out of there, leaving us
once again with a cliffhanger

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