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At an unidentified facility, Sloane meets the mathematician Caplan

and shows him the Rambaldi briefcase 
and explains that he was shown this thirty years ago when he was working with the Army Corp of Engineers, and everything he's done since then is to get these plans going

and Caplan has to knot things together or else

Back in LA

Sydney goes to see Dixon, still in debrief, to tell him that he is officially a loyal citizen

Gee, thanks, and how long did you know that SD-6 was the bad guys?

Two years, and I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't

With a lot of uncomfortable emotion,
Dixon says he never wants to see Syd again

In the rotunda

Marshall is hyperventilating

and meeting Vaughn

and getting hugs from Syd

and getting ready to do his first CIA job, namely trying to find something of value on Sloane's hard drive

with the exposition-spouting quartet minus Kendall looking over his shoulder

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